You used to like going to work (or, in the hybrid world, doing the work) and being inspired to solve problems. You used to thrive on that kind of drive. But now, even after a December break, you’re finding it difficult to get excited about the new year with a newfound focus.Image source: Andrea Piacquadio fromImage source: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

You probably thought “I just need a break…” towards the end of last year, but now that you’re back at work, you might find yourself scrolling through social media, TikTok, or Pinterest, counting down the minutes until you can close your laptop.

You could also be secretly scrolling through job portals in the hopes to search for inspiration for the rut you find yourself in.

However, it isn’t as cut and dry as you might hope, especially given the current economic scenario, where you should “simply be thankful to have a job”. And to top it off, the expectation to be ‘innovative’ adds another layer to this complex situation.

According to PwC’s Workforce Hopes and Fears survey, which involved more than 52,000 workers across 44 countries, say that nearly one in every five employees worldwide say they are likely to switch jobs in the next 12 months, indicating that the so-called “great resignation” is not going away.

Enough has been written about how, especially in a nation with such a high unemployment rate, the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side and that you should instead water the garden you have now.

Here are some suggestions to revitalise your current career while you still have the chance to find inspiration and a fresh joy for what you do.

  1. What sparks joy in your role?
  2. What does your career mosaic look like?
  3. Get a mentor (or two)
  4. The power of self-leadership

In closing

When revitalising your position and profession, consider the role of self-care. Consider whether you have sufficient habits in place to be resilient and perform at a high level. Self-care is essential, and strong evidence supports the advantages of nourishing your soul through journaling, silencing the mind, and mindfulness.